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Don’t wait on hold! Make a call to avail Canon Printer Support in real-time

If you’re stuck in any minor or major Canon Printer issue, then take Canon Printer Support by dialing the toll-free number.

If you know, Canon offers exceptions products for people across the world for many successful years. The organization is popular for its products as well as excellent customer support service that increases its preference among most of the people.

Incredible features of printers are smooth functions, high printing quality and convenient usage that leads to the success of Canon printers.

But, a single technical issue will restrict you in using the Canon Printer so we mention solutions with every problem:

  • Trouble in installing Canon printer: To fix up this issue, you need to follow the instructions to install the Canon printer conveniently.
    • Properly connect your Canon printer with computer and then open Control Panel.
    • Later, Double-click on Printers & Fax or Printer icon from the Control Panel.
    • Click on Add a printer from the Printers window.
    • Then, the Windows Printer Wizard will be shown on the screen. Click on Next to start the wizard
    • You will get the option to install a Network or Local printer. Select the option as per your preference and then click on Next.
    • Browse the location of the printer’s driver from the local hard disk if the Windows doesn’t find a Driver.
    • Thereafter, Click on it.
    • Then, follow all the instructions displayed on the screen. These steps will fix up the issues of printer installation.
  • If your Canon Printer is not responding, then follow the instructions:
    • Assure that the Canon Printer is connected to the system firmly and is ON.
    • After that check the wireless connection if you’re using a wireless printer.
    • Later, restart the printer as well as the connected system.
    • Thereafter, go to the Control Panel if the issue still exists. Eliminate all the added printers which are not in use anymore. Please, assure to make the Canon printer as the default printer of a connected system.
    • After that go to Printer Properties to check out all the details. Then, go to the port tab and check that the correct port is checked OFF. The printer will not respond if isn’t.
    • Then after that visit print tasks which are available in the queue. Then, stop all the queue printing jobs and try to print again.
    • Use another USB port instead of the current one.
  • Some of the major Canon Printer errors along with their solutions:
  • The printer is out of paper: Get a message “Error Code – E 02”. To solve this error, make sure to load paper in the paper feeder carefully.
  • Paper jamming issue: Get a message “Error Code – E 03”. To solve this error, turn OFF your printer and then eliminate the paper carefully.
  • The cartridge isn’t installed properly: Get a message “Error Code – E 04”. To solve this error, turn OFF your printer and then uninstall the cartridge. Place the cartridge properly.
  • Output cover of paper is open: Get a message “Error Code – E 06”. To solve this error, you need to close the output cover of paper properly.
  • The ink absorber is full that cause spill out: Get a message “Error Code – E 08”. To solve this error, fix the ink absorberby pressing the Black or Color button for printing continuously or change the ink observer for avoiding ink spillage
  • The loaded paper isn’t compatible to perform duplex printing: Get a message “Error Code – E 10”. To solve this error, the size of a paper is A4 and letter of the same size is always used for duplex printing.
  • Won’t print on the CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM: Get a message “Error Code – E 12”. To solve this error, confirm the display message on the screen to take a print out on CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM. Please, assure that you use genuine Canon FINE cartridges in the printer.
  • The leftover ink isn’t capable of printing: Get a message “Error Code – E 13”. To solve this error, install a new cartridge by replacing the old one.
  • The front tray of the printer is closed: Get a message “Error Code – E 17”. To solve this error, open the front tray of Canon printer immediately.

If you need help for lower printing quality, errors because of peripherals, problems with paper feed, download Canon printer driver, spooler error and others, then don’t worry. Take our Canon Printer Support anytime, anywhere.

A team of prowess professionals is there for 24*7 hours to provide you instant support. On the very first call, the representative team firstly attends you and direct your call to the techies. They will step by step guide you to troubleshoot Canon Printer issues with the implication of advanced technologies.

Hurry up! Grab this opportunity and show exit door to all Canon Printer issues with our Canon Printer Support.

If you need to contact support because you’re wondering, how to reset my printer of canon, what are the ways to update my printer driver, why can’t my phone find my printer, what are the tricks to troubleshoot my printer, how to connect my wireless printer to device, then you can talk to a live person of customer service. If there are other issues like bluetooth not pairing with the printer, then you can download printer drivers for free or contact support through chat mechanism for problem redressal.


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