Google is a widespread service and has multiple features. Every person uses a google application in their day to day life to complete their tasks. From the calendar to emailing, nothing is left out from the reach of Google. People find it very easy to use google services. Also, you don’t have to carry multiple email addresses to run different google applications. A single email id and password are enough to access all google applications. People are so much addicted to google applications that they can’t even think of carrying out their work without the help of Google services. In this situation, a google not working issue is not less than a heart attack to the customers.

People face various types of issues with Google services. In this blog, we will discuss all those issues and some common methods to fix google issues.

Google Calendar: Google calendar is the least used application of google. But has equal importance as other applications. People use google calendar to set the alarm of important events. If you are a business person and have a busy schedule then this application is of superlative help. You can set an alarm for appointments so that you can miss anything important. Moreover, if you are seeing a google calendar not working issues then contact the google support to fix this as soon as possible.

Google maps: Millions of people use google maps every day to locate and reach their destinations. Sometimes they complete the mission to search for the location while other times they see google maps not working error on the screen. This error can be due to an outdated version of the cache file. Hence, we have to look for both reasons to fix these google problems.

Google assistance: This application is recently launched on an android device to complete tasks on voice command. You have to speak for something and Google will do that task on the device. This application basically reduces the hassle of scrolling or taping on-screen for users. but is google assistant not working on your device then you can fix it by restarting your device. Moreover, you can also check the google assistant settings and make changes as per your requirement.

Google Chrome: Google chrome is widely used for browsing websites on mobile devices as well as on laptops. On both devices, you have to download the google chrome application to access all websites. But if your google chrome is unable to load pages or showing google chrome not working error then you can perform certain tips to fix this issue. Initially close all taps in the application. After that close the application and make changes in the extensions.

You can also restart your device to fix the issue furiously. On mobile devices instead of restarting we suggest you uninstall the application. You can download the application after a few minutes from the whole play store.

Why are my Google services not working?

There can be multiple reasons for Google not working. So, it is important to know the root cause of the issue before searching for any help.

  • The most usual issue for all Google users is an internet connection. This will directly affect the loading speed of all online applications. So, make sure to use a strong internet connection while using any google service.
  • The second important issue of a poorly performing application is the outdated version of the application. Hence, we have to update the application regularly to overcome this issue.
Some major Google services and their common issues.
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