Frankly speaking, with one Google Account, you can get an unlimited number of email addresses. However, this becomes more interesting when you use Gmail with G-Suite, Google Apps that are eventually known. In this post, you will learn to set up an alternate Google Email Address with an ease and quick way. Why to wander, just take a guide for right process to create and add new email address to the existing Gmail account. Let’s begin!

Possible Ways To Create And Add New Google Email Address

The appropriate instructions for setting up an additional Google Email Address in the Gmail account are noted underneath. Give them a try one-by-one to get it done soon:

  • Open any of your favorable web browser on your system and visit the official page of Gmail
  • If you are not already logged-into your Gmail account, enter your email address and password correctly into the given field and then tap “Sign-in” button
  • Now, from the top-right corner of your inbox window, give a click on your profile icon
  • Tap “Add Account” tab from the bottom-left corner of the drop-down menu
  • Doing so, a new page will open
  • Click on “More” button
  • Next, click “Create Account” tab and then enter your new account information that include the following:
  • First and last name
  • A username for your new email address
  • A password for your new email address
  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender
  • Your phone number
  • Your current email address
  • Your location (e.g., United States)
  • Then after tap “Next” button which is at the bottom right corner of the account creation page
  • Read out the Google’s provided terms and conditions carefully and for confirmation, click “I Agree”
  • Then, in the end, click “Continue to Gmail”

Hence, your new email address is now linked to your primary Gmail account. You can switch anytime between the two by simply placing a single tap on your profile icon in the upper-right corner and then clicking the account that you want to use in the drop-down menu. Once you forwarded your Google Email from secondary account to primary one you would have the benefits of backup, and could look for it in second place in case you accidentally deleted the first one.

Can You Email Google?

Yes, you can Email Google if you are facing any problem while creating and adding your new Gmail address. You only have to do is to send your query to the email address ‘’. After that you will get instant response from Google support team. So, whatever the problem you face will usually get eradicated in less time.

Does Google Have An Email Address?

It is 100% true that there is a specific Google Email Address through which Gmail users get their problems sorted out in no more time. The technician team is active round the clock so that instant response will get anyone.

How Do I Email Google?

If you are looking forward to Email Google for quick remote assistance, go through the instructions beneath:

  • On Windows system, go to the official page of “Gmail”
  • If you are not logged-in, enter your login credentials like username and password into the required field
  • In the top left, tap “Compose” option
  • In the “To” field, add Google Email that is ‘’
  • Then, Add a subject, it should be brief description of your message
  • After that, write the message whatever you want to convey to the Google team
  • At the bottom of the page, finally click “Send” button

You are strongly recommended to go through the guidelines mentioned above if really want to create and add an alternate Google account for official as well as personal use. The comprehensive information will surely be gonna helpful for you. But if confronting any technical glitches while performing the above steps, don’t over-react as you will be helped by one of the top-most talented tech-savvy.

How To Create Additional Google Email Address?

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