In today’s global society, the application of social networking websites has become significant. Today, one of the top-notch sites that can be seen on everyone’s mobile phone is Facebook. The best part is that it allows you to explore various safe third-party and sharing content. With FB, you will be getting connected to friends, colleagues and many other people are Facebook. This website also makes it possible for business people to do business and reach wider audiences. Yes, you heard it right as Facebook is a featured FB marketplace. What if your Facebook marketplace not working?

Despite the availability of various features of Facebook, users still face some technical issues which are quite obvious with social media websites. There are several issues related to the Facebook marketplace that can give you hard times. Luckily, there’s the availability of FB support technical executives that relentlessly serve the users to provide them with to the point solution. If you are caught with any issues of the marketplace then contact them for technical queries.

Your every technical glitch will be fixed immediately by the technical support team. But, before that, you must know how to get started on the FB marketplace to sell or buy items.

How do I get the Facebook marketplace on my FB account?

If you want to get the icon of the marketplace to get started with it then these steps will be useful for you:

  • You’re first needed to have an account on Facebook to get the Facebook marketplace. This will let you sell and buy products via the FB marketplace.
  • After signing into your account, you will see a marketplace icon which is like a storefront. Click on the marketplace icon.
  • If you want anything to sell then upload the picture of the item. After this, just add description, price, and location.
  • When done with filling all this information, make sure to click on the “post” option. Through this, your item will be visible in the Facebook marketplace.
  • If you want to use the marketplace for buying then just click on the marketplace icon and then browse on the categories. To buy something, you just need to send a message to the seller.

While using the marketplace if your Facebook marketplaces not loading then don’t get stressed just contact the technical team as it is a normal issue.

How to fix the Facebook marketplace not working?

Sometimes, you might get bothered because of the issues related to the marketplace not working on Facebook. There could be many reasons behind this that won’t let you access the marketplace option in the Facebook app or website. Some of them with explanations and solutions are mentioned below:

  • If your device isn’t supported then you might suffer this issue. A lot of the outdated iPhones and Android devices do not support Facebook Marketplace anymore. So, if you are having a very old phone then the marketplace feature might be restricted on your device.
  • Your Facebook’s Account Age also matters a lot in this. If you have a new Facebook account then you might not have the feature of marketplace enabled for you. Facebook has restricted new accounts to get access to the marketplace as it helps to prevent spam.
  • If you’re living in an unsupported country then there might be issues with the marketplace. According to Facebook, the marketplace is not available to every country.
  • Your age also matters when it comes to creating an FB marketplace account. Facebook Marketplace feature gets disabled for users with the age below 18.

Whatever issues you have with the marketplace, get it resolved by contacting the technical executives of the FB team. They will also let you know why your Facebook marketplace not working. You will be provided with quick and reliable technical assistance by top-notch and active professionals of FB customer support.

What to do to fix the Facebook marketplace issues?

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