Have you ever felt that your facebook not working? Are you stuck with the slow loading of the pages? These are some of the common technical problems that might have been witnessed by you many times. But, what to do when your FB page gets freeze out? If you’re looking for some technical assistance then you must think of contacting the FB technical support team.

The technical consultants are available around the clock for the immediate help of the users. All that you can do is availing the support service. With the expert’s help and support, you will get solutions for rectification of the issues in a speedy manner. The tech of technical executives offers around the clock help, instant solutions, and troubleshooting guidance.

Why is FB not working?

Many times, you must have heard people saying- my Facebook images not loading and FB not working. No matter whether you’re using FB on a desktop or mobile phone, facing this kind of problem is common. Here’s a list of some of the causes that make your FB page to freeze out both on desktop or on the app.

On the mobile devices-iOS or Android phone

  • When using the FB app, you need to check that your Facebook app is fully updated. If not updated then you might miss some of the features of FB. If you don’t know how to update the app then go to the App Store or Google Play Store. Follow the instructions.
  • The available storage of the mobile can also cause this error to happen. Sometimes, insufficient memory of the mobile device causes the issue of notifications not working on Facebook. So, you must be deleting unnecessary apps, images, and to create more space.
  • The slow loading of the FB pages is all due to the internet connection. Because of this, your Facebook feed takes longer than usual. Make sure you are getting a strong connection to the internet. If not then try switching to the WIFI connection.
  • The Android user needs to Clear the cache. To do this, you need to go to your Facebook app in Apps Management in the Settings. From here, just clear the app’s cache. If you are doing this regularly then there will be no issue of FB freezing page.

On a web Browser

Now, let’s have a look at the solutions of facebook not loading if using the website to access the account.

  • The first step is to check that your browser is up to date. If that’s not updated then there will some sort of FB crashed issues. Also, your image will not get loaded. So update the browser to the latest version if needed.
  • Secondly, you need to check out if the caches on the browser are causing the issue of slow page loading. This might sound simple but this will surely effective.
  • Lastly, try to sign in to the Facebook account using another web browser.

Why is Facebook not working on my phone?

If Facebook not working on the phone then you must try is to swipe up the Facebook app from the Apps Preview. This will close it and after this again open the app on your iPhone. Usually, the relaunch of the app works for the FB issues.

What do you need to do when Facebook not working?

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