Are you pondering for how do I log into the Cash app without a phone number if lost mobile number? Mostly, people change their account settings and after few times forget it and then trouble log into account. So, read this full article to know what to do.

The Cash app never prevents you to create more than one account. But, for this, you should have a unique mobile number or email address. Here, you no need to add different bank account or debit and credit card. You are eligible to add the same with various accounts on the Cash app.

Generally, people change their mobile number of Cash app account, and access a new account with the use of a new email address and mobile number. So, it is obvious that you forget user credentials of your old Cash app account. But, don’t worry, we give you few steps to access it.

Steps to access old Cash app without a phone number:-

People change their mobile number from time to time as need, so here are chances that they don’t have their previous mobile number which is added in old Cash app account. So, apply below steps to access your account:

❖       First, you create a new Cash app account, if not created yet.

❖       Now, activate your Cash Card by entering personal information like full username, DOB, SSN.

❖       Next, link the same debit card and bank account that linked with your old Cash app account.

❖       Thereafter, tap on the Profile icon from the home screen.

❖       Now, click on the Support option.

❖       Next, select Something Else.

❖       Thereafter, select Can’t access account.

❖       Now, select Contact Support and submit your issues by email.

❖       After that, you receive an email where you need to verify your account.

❖       Now, your old account merged with the new account successfully.

Conclusion:-   Here, we discuss How do I log into the Cash app without a phone numberIf any issues, then feel free to call us.

How do I log into the Cash app without a phone number

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