Gone are those days when one used to stand in long queues of the bank for making money transactions. No matter whether your transaction was of a small amount or a huge one, you still had to go to the bank. Thanks to technology, there can be seen several mobile payment apps that ensure instant money transfer via phone. The cash app is undoubtedly a reliable app through which billions of people are connected. Right from sending money to your friends to buying anything from a merchant, a user of the cash app can enjoy various features. It also comes with a policy of payment refund with some terms and conditions. A very common question that users ask is- How long does cash app take to refund money?

Well, this depends on several factors such as refund request, the recipient responsiveness, and many more. To gather more information on this, it would be better to speak to the technical agents.

The time needed for the processing of the refund on cash app

Usually, the refund time of cash app to any bank is between 7-10 working days. The number of working days may increase or decrease based on the source of payment. If you are looking for a refund in your Cash app balance or wallet then it normally requires just 3-5 days. But because of some bank server related problems, this might take time in reflecting your account.

The main point is that users will receive the payment to the same source from which the payment was made.

In case of canceled cash app payment

Only the pending transactions on the cash app can be canceled. The refund of canceled Cash App is refunded instantly within 1–3 business days. But, the source should be a debit card.

In the case of Merchant Refunds

Whenever a merchant accepts the refunds, the transaction can take up to 10 business days. Before 10 days if you have any query to the merchant then you can directly communicate to them. Even after 10 days, you’re not getting the refund then cash app customer service will help you to dispute the transaction.

How long does cash app take to refund money?

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