With incredible features and security, Facebook is noted among the most popular social media sites. Do you want to chat with someone? Are you looking for small business options? If yes then FB is the one stop solution for you that offers the best features to its users. You can upload your photos, sell your products directly, and talk to your distant friends. But, social media sites can be sometimes hard because of the annoying people with whom you don’t want to get along. A quick solution for this is blocking someone in Facebook in an easy way.

On Facebook, you’ll get the option to block someone who’s not friendly at all. If you want someone’s help in blocking then you must consider talking to the technical executives. Right from blocking to the setting, there can be different technical issues. If these issues are troubling you then you must speak to the techies.

How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t notify anyone if they are blocked or not. Because of this, every user of Fb asks how to tell you to have facebook blocked. So, some signs can tell if someone has blocked you on FB:

  • If they are not in the friend list: One of the signs that will let you know that your friend has blocked you that the particular friend is not on your friend list. To check this, you need to have a look at your ‘friend list’. In your mobile device, tap on the profile picture and then click on “see all friends”.
  • If you can’t invite that person for events: If you have created a group or event and you want to invite them then you will have to search for the person from the list. If you couldn’t find that person that they must have either blocked or unfriended you.
  • Not able to send messages on messenger: Blocking on FB will lead to blocking on FB messenger If you’re not able to send the message on messenger to a person then they must have blocked you.
  • If you can’t tag or find on search: Sometimes, you don’t get the name of the person while searching on the FB or tagging them. If their profile is not visible to you then there are chances that they might have blocked you.

Apart from these, many other signs are there that’ll help you know whether you have got blocked from someone or not. If you still need some sort of technical assistance then you’re free to contact the technical executives. Through helpline or live chats, FB users can connect with the technical support team.

Can I still see someone on Facebook if block them?

If you’re blocking someone in facebook then you cannot see them in the future. Right from profile to tags, you will not see anything from them. Blocking someone on FB will practically hide your profile from that particular person. You will not be able to access their Facebook profile page after blocking them. Also, both of you will not see each other’s comments and post on any mutual page.

Get the immediate help of the FB technical experts in case you’re having any kind of confusion or trouble with your account.

How to know if someone has blocked you on the Facebook?

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